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2024  Enneagram Workshop



Up & Coming Event

26th to 30th May | Time: 4pm to 6pm

Florence, Italy 

Dante, Florence and The Enneagram

An exhilarating journey through Dante’s Divine Comedy led by Beatrice Chestnut, with support from Mauro Vedevello, Helen English and Teresa Daniels.
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2024 Workshop Dates

Workshop Programme & Booking

26 to 30 May

Florence, Italy | 16.00pm to 18.00pm

Dante, Florence and The Enneagram


An exhilarating journey through Dante’s Divine Comedy led by Beatrice Chestnut, with support from Mauro Vedevello, Helen English and Teresa Daniels.


Saturday 7 June

Mat-walks, Creativity
& Your Enneagram
5 Point Star

An immersive workshop where you can engage with the Enneagram and your own ‘5 point star’. Deepen awareness of how to draw effectively on powerful resource points within the Enneagram and already strong within you. Increase self-awareness by playfully exploring these dynamics. Shine as your best self by building self-belief and moving through resistance. 

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3 to 5 September

For Newcomers and Returners 
11.00am to 16.00pm


Enneagram Essentials is a twin-track workshop designed to help bring light and movement into your life supported by Enneagram wisdom.  Newcomer track: Discover The Enneagram! Meet the Enneagram and explore your place within it, finding personal insight and resources for life. Returner track: Revisit the Enneagram. This practice helps us “stay awake” (in Gurdjieff’s terms), stay conscious and deepen our understanding.  As we come afresh to the material, so new insights and possibilities arise. 


Summer 2025

Date & Time to be confirmed

Enneagram Summer Retreat Inquiry and Inspiration

“Where do I go from here? The Enneagram has given me so much, I’d love to do more”. It’s a heart-felt cry from relative newcomers and people who’ve explored for many years.


Answering this call the Summer Retreat aims to create a space for Enneagram enthusiasts to come together in the spirit of mutual inquiry, curiosity and celebration. 


7-9 June

IEA Netherlands | Amsterdam

European Enneagram Conference: Stepping
Forward & Beyond

Whether you are new to the Enneagram or a long-time student and practitioner, come learn with world-class teachers and professional members of International Enneagram Association (IEA) as we dive into practices for using the Enneagram to manifest personal and professional transformation.

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12 to 14 July 

Glastonbury Somerset UK
Time: 4.30pm to 7.30pm

Love and Presence in Relationships:
Understanding each other with The Enneagram

Love and relationship can lift our hearts! We long for good connection; with intimate partners, family members, friends, colleagues and our social network. Yet nowhere do our patterns show up so clearly as they do here and often with painful consequences.  A weekend workshop with Helen & life partner Andy Portman. Designed to free space within you and around you for more love, compassion and better connection.

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22 to 24 November

10.30am to 16.00pm

Enneagram Holy Ideas and Essential Qualities

A weekend retreat centred in the Holy Ideas – the Spiritual Qualities – that are at the heart of the Enneagram. These qualities are the absolute core of our being, our personality and our Soul path. Enjoy experiential immersion
into the 9 essence qualities and find practices that bring them closer, so they are more freely accessible in daily life.

Holy Ideas & Essential Qualities

13 February

ONLINE: Helen English with Andy Portman
7.30pm to 9.00pm

The Enneagram in Love & Relationships

Love and relationship can lift our hearts – we long for good connection!  But it can be elusive.  How can we start to live and relate in new ways?  What helps us open to love and healing in relationship? How can we navigate our patterns and be free to relate in loving presence? Join Helen English in conversation with partner Andy Portman to explore these perennial questions, so vital to our well-being.

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