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The Enneagram
in Love & Relationships

JOIN: Helen English and Andy Portman
Date: Tue 13 Feb 2024 Time: 19:30pm to 21:00pm
Love and relationship can lift our hearts – we long for good connection! With intimate partners, family members, friends, colleagues and our social network. Yet nowhere do our patterns show up so clearly as they do here and often with painful consequences.

How can we meet these patterns and be free to relate in loving presence? How can we start to live and relate in new ways? What helps us open to love and healing in relationship? How can we begin to have more conscious and life-affirming friendships? 

Join Helen English in conversation with partner Andy Portman to explore these perennial questions, so vital to our well-being.

We’ll look at how energy moves through The Enneagram’s interlocking survival strategies, sometimes with ease and flow, sometimes in co-dependence, sometimes in conflict and then again in harmony. When this comes into focus – with the Enneagram as map and mirror – conscious relationships begin to flourish.


With the Enneagram as backdrop, Helen and Andy will help explore relationships in the broadest sense, with ourselves and those around us.  According to our Enneagram type/base, we all have explicit patterns that include positive qualities alongside inner stress and tension. We’re shaped too by personal factors such as our genetic inheritance, neurobiology, family and life events, alongside social context: race, culture, geopolitical environment and more. Altogether, these result in embedded survival patterns that underpin all our relationships. With this in mind, session themes may include:

  • Enneagram-drawn Essential Qualities, Inner Stress and Discharge Patterns

  • Relationship co-dependence, collusion and The Enneagram

  • Healthy inter-dependence, drawing on The Enneagram map

  • How, as we stop falling into familiar patterns, this creates space for those around us also to experience things differently​

… and ultimately, the freedom and healing that can take place in love and conscious relationship, where partnership becomes a safe place and we’re ever more able to relate from our core presence.


Participative in approach, there’ll be space for questions and small-group conversation.​​

Helen says:

Andy and I met in early 2020, both widowed after long-term relationships. This February marks our 4thanniversary.  In this time we’ve shared the pandemic roller-coaster, cliff-path walks, kayaking and music, alongside so many rich conversations; often, a creative fusion of Andy’s deep understanding of relationship patterns lit up by Enneagram-borne insights.  We’ve also dipped a toe into the world of each other’s work. This webinar comes as a natural progression, the fruit of creative relationship, inquiry and conversation.


Helen English

Helen has over 20 years’ experience of Enneagram work and co-founded Enneagram Alive in 2014 as a community enterprise. Her work centres now – as always - on helping people live well and thrive, building better relationships with those around them and with their environment.  She brings a Taoist orientation to the Enneagram, always returning to the symbol as a story of One-ness: a dynamic energy map of movement, relationship, interconnection.  

For more information visit

Andy Portman

Andy is one of the UK’s most experienced experts in relationship. He brings a lifetime’s experience –
40 years and counting – as a relationship coach, counsellor and workshop leader with an approach grounded in Taoism.  


for information on Andy, his
ongoing work and the beautiful ‘Avalon Permaculture Gardens’ healing centre he created with his late wife Ella.


Date: Tue 13 Feb 2024
Time: 19:30pm to 21:00pm
Cost: £10.00
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