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More about me and my approach

I’m a leadership coach, team facilitator and personal life coach specialising in The Enneagram. 

My career has always centred on people development and change, taking me through public sector, business consulting and change environments. Latterly also into supporting deeper personal and spiritual growth. I bring this depth and breadth of experience to the work I now do (in contrast to some others who do a career change, re-train briefly and set up in this field). I love it as much today as when I first began.  

My certifications include: MA English Literature, (University of Cambridge), MSc Change Consulting & Coaching (University of Surrey), Chartered MCIPD (University of Bournemouth). Certified Enneagram Professional in the Narrative Tradition.  Certified Integral Development Coach (New Ventures West).  ICF Accredited Member. International Enneagram Association Professional Member. 

I stand out as one of very few UK Enneagram professionals to combine substantive HRD and organisational expertise with a long term Enneagram practice, now 20 years and counting. I certified in the US with Narrative Enneagram (TNE) founders Helen Palmer and Dr David Daniels and with British mentor Karen Webb. I later co-founded community-based Enneagram Alive in the UK.  I’ve been a faculty member and supervisor with Enneagram Training providing TNE-licenced professional Enneagram qualifications in the UK. I continue to provide mentor and CPD support to professionals progressing in their Enneagram training and coaching practice.

Profound as it is, for me it’s never just about The Enneagram. I’ve always been fascinated by people, literature (my first degree), language, motivation and our stories, alone and systemically. While the spirit-world draws and inspires me, systems thinking and pragmatic solutions are very much front of mind. 

Taoism has been a guiding philosophy for more than 3 decades. It began with curiosity about Feng Shui, the Chinese 5 Elements, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, which led to the door of a shamanic apprenticeship, rooted in Taoism. This 5-year training and certification was transformational in helping me wake up to life, raising my consciousness, deepening awareness of our profound interconnection, becoming a source of empowerment, personally and professionally.  Add to the mix hands-on training in Gestalt facilitation skills and group dynamics, alongside systemic family constellations methods and there’s a rich and integrated offer.  

This breadth and depth of interest and experience defines my approach. It means that whatever the work I’m doing, there’s maturity and a wealth of resources and modalities available: the capacity to listen deeply, to acknowledge the complex systems we operate in, as individuals, teams, businesses, family units and more: and to offer constructive, practical ways through. 

In my personal life, I look back on my younger self: as a widow single-parenting, studying, working to support the family, yet taking up Celtic harp, developing friendships, expanding interests, finding my tribe. And now, bringing so many strands together in all parts of life and work, also enjoying time deep in nature or by the sea with my partner and dog.

About my work:

I’m based in the UK’s beautiful West Country, dividing my time between hilltop Shaftesbury and the Vale of Avalon, Glastonbury, Somerset.

In-person client work regularly takes me to Central and Greater London. From time to time I work further afield, nationally and internationally.  


Where do I work? 

  • online in 1:1 sessions, facilitating meetings, team development, training sessions and webinar delivery

  • face to face for 1:1 sessions in my home area

  • on clients own site or frequently offsite venues, conference and retreat centres


I work alone or with trusted colleagues who offer the best fit for each client: experienced people, highly skilled and approachable professionals. We’ve collaborated for years in a proven relationship that always adds value.

Getting started

Get in touch by emailing me: what’s your area of interest, the issue/s you face, what you’re hoping to change, or to achieve?

A phone call or Zoom: an initial conversation to meet scope, check out whether we might work well together usually online in the first instance.

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