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Enneagram Essentials Workshop

For Newcomers and Returners 
Date: 2 to 4 April, 2024 Time: 11.00am to 16.00pm
For newcomers and returners alike, Enneagram Essentials is a twin-track workshop designed to help bring light and movement into your life supported by Enneagram wisdom.  

  • Newcomer track. Discover The Enneagram. It shows us 9 different ways of being in the world, nine ways we shine, nine ways we limit ourselves from being in good connection with ourselves, with others and with Spirit. With Enneagram map in hand we have an extraordinary resource for navigating life. In personality, in relationship, with soul and spirit, The Enneagram seems simple but touches many layers. 

  • Returner track: Revisit the Enneagram.  This is a practice that continues to help us “stay awake” (in Gurdjieff’s terms), stay conscious and deepen our understanding. We change, the world is changing.  As we come afresh to the material – after a few days, weeks, months or years – so new insights arise.  We’ll be providing focused support to help you with your individual, on-going inquiry.

Your inquiry may be practical: seeking change or movement in a relationship, or another aspect of your life that’s calling for change. Or you may be looking for personal or spiritual growth, seeking changes at a deeper level and with stronger connection to Spirit.  Gurdjieff famously taught that we meet the Enneagram where we’re at and offers the response we’re able to hear. Our experience is that it’s possible to open a space for exactly this.


The presence of two facilitators means we can offer this twin-track approach and support rich learning for returners and newcomers, while benefitting from mutual learning across the group as a whole.


For Newcomers: you may know just a little already, you may be entirely new to the Enneagram, or perhaps did a workshop that was long ago and half-forgotten? Or you’ve maybe read about the Enneagram or listened to podcasts, but not had the chance to work with it in person?  There is nothing to compare with being in the room with others, learning in the ‘Narrative Tradition’ through people’s own living stories.  We’ll get to know all 9 world views held within the Enneagram’s map of human experience. We each have a ‘Base’ (Point/Type) on this map, where action, psychology and spirit are clearly drawn yet inseparable.  You’ll be able to discover (or re-confirm) your own Enneagram base and gain sense of new potential.


For Returners:  Enneagram patterns run deep and meeting the Enneagram of Personality is just a start.  You already know your Enneagram Type/Base/Point.  Yet with any profound wisdom work, the essential Enneagram framework is what we continue to explore and address throughout our lives.  We change, our experience changes and we come afresh to the same profound words that now touch us anew.   You’ll be able to consider how Enneagram Patterns continues to shape your life, from your deepest motivations and lifelong patterns to your everyday reactions, choices and relationships. Still more importantly, to explore how The Enneagram offers movement, flow and expansion beyond this point.  


You’ll be able to bring the issues, hopes, despair, dreams – whatever you are meeting personally - and work with it, supported by the sacred circle of Enneagram work and a well-held group process. 


We’ll learn together in conversation, small group work and mini-lectures combined with the dynamic and embodied experience of using an Enneagram mat.  Relaxing into shared stories, laughter and music will also play its part.


We’ll take time and space to tap vital resources for life in what are, personally and collectively, extraordinarily challenging times. More is being demanded of us – more is called for.  Whatever our individual path, in the Enneagram we have a uniquely personal and dynamic route-map to help us on our way.

Facilitators: Helen English and Joanne Bonnett
HELEN-montage-profile copy_edited.jpg

Helen English

Helen is an Integral Coach with 20+ years Enneagram experience. She works one-to-one, with groups and teams in a wide range of  settings. Her work has always centred on helping people to fulfil their potential, leading happier and more satisfying lives at work, at home and in relationship. She finds the Enneagram an extraordinary and effective resource time and again.

Helen studied in the US with Narrative Enneagram (TNE) founders Helen Palmer and Dr David Daniels and with British mentor Karen Webb, who for many years taught the Enneagram here at Ammerdown. She is Chair of Enneagram Alive, a community-led organisation devoted to creating Enneagram awareness, networking support to teachers and access for learners across Ireland and the UK. She is a former faculty member and supervisor with Enneagram Training providing TNE licenced professional Enneagram qualifications in the UK. Her certifications include: MA (English Literature, Cambridge), MSc (Change Consulting & Coaching, Surrey), Chartered MCIPD. Certified Enneagram Professional in the Narrative Tradition. Certified Integral Development Coach (New Ventures West).


Visit her website Positive Space for more information.


Joanne Bonnett

Joanne is a Certified Enneagram Typing Practitioner in the Narrative Tradition and brings many years experience as a trainer, events organiser & facilitator, business coach, mentor and public speaker.

She has always been fascinated by what makes people thrive. She enjoyed a corporate marketing career and for 20+ years has had her own businesses in wellbeing and consulting, including developing values-driven leadership training programmes.  She is now focusing on sharing her passion for the Enneagram, saying; “it’s a joy to see how exploring its wisdom empowers people to embrace being their unique selves professionally and personally.”

Messages from our participants

This workshop was such a happy and productive time for me – I really hope to come again!


Date: 3-5 September, 2024
Time: 11.00am to 16.00pm
Venue: For Newcomers and Returner
Course Options:  Residential - £450 Non Residential - £354
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