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Enneagram Summer Retreat
Inquiry and Inspiration

Summer 2025 
Date & Time to be confirmed
“Where do I go from here? The Enneagram has given me so much, I’d love to do more”. It’s a heart-felt cry from relative newcomers and people who’ve explored for many years.

Answering this call the Summer Retreat aims to create a space for Enneagram enthusiasts to come together in the spirit of mutual inquiry, curiosity and celebration. The Enneagram offers so many fascinating avenues for exploration with time to explore, play, question and dialogue. We’ll generate and shape the agenda, Open Space-style, according to interests shared in advance and on the day. By offering a developmental space and an exciting, responsive agenda we’ll have a rare opportunity to meet together as co-learners and co-creators.


This means content and approach will be agreed with the group, drawing on a wide range of modalities and resources. Inquiry methods may include structured conversations, knowledge-exchange, mini-lectures, bodywork, music and meditation practice. We’ll be able to work with a powerful Enneagram mat, singly or in small groups. As it’s summertime, if the weather’s kind we’ll be outdoors too. Garden qi gong, tai chi, labyrinth-walking with plenty of space for relaxed conversation.

To take part in the Summer Retreat:

You’ll be familiar with the Enneagram, probably through foundational workshop/s,and you’d like to refresh, ‘top-up’, learn more.

You’ll have studied or trained professionally in the Enneagram and you’re looking for ways to continue, expand and deepen your practice

You’ll be passionate about in-person learning and all that becomes possible when together with like-minded people experience and expertise.


Where do your interests lie?:

  • Perhaps you’d like to take the Enneagram further in your professional life, your work with colleagues and clients?

  • Perhaps there are modalities you’d like to discover or share, such as Focusing, Systemic Constellations work etc.

  • Perhaps there are specific aspects of Enneagram work that you’d like to explore further: Personality Structures, 3 Centres, Instincts and Subtypes, Defence Strategies, Essential and Holy Qualities, Idealisations, working with the Inner Triangle?

  • Are you intrigued by numerology and Sacred Geometry within the Enneagram?

  • Perhaps you’re looking for inspiration and resources in your spiritual practice or direction on your spiritual path?

  • Perhaps you’re keen to ‘wake up’, as The Enneagram calls us to do, becoming still more self-aware, conscious of patterns in play and better able to draw on strengths?

  • Perhaps you feel too often stuck in reactivity and are looking for ways to allow your higher/essential qualities to shine more brightly in daily life?

  • Perhaps you sense there’s something calling your energy and attention and you’re trying to capture and express it? A soul-longing maybe?

  • Perhaps you’re looking for new perspectives and a shift, in relation to a long-running life challenge?

  • Maybe you’d benefit from time out for you to reflect on life decisions, challenges, hopes, dreams and dilemmas, drawing on the Enneagram?

  • Or you’d simply like to re-visit and re-connect with the Enneagram’s 9 types/points, the unique qualities and gifts of each.

This is a wide-ranging list of possibilities and there may be more you’d like to bring. We’ll clearly not cover all of them, so please share any particular interests in advance.

To join, you will need to have existing Enneagram experience, perhaps through previous Ammerdown workshops or from elsewhere. You’ll know your type/base and have a reasonable grasp of the core concepts. Please get in touch if you’d like to check in on whether the Retreat is a good fit for you.

Facilitators: Helen English and Joanne Bonnett

HELEN-montage-profile copy_edited.jpg

Helen English

Helen is an Integral Coach with 20+ years Enneagram experience. She works one-to-one, with groups and teams in a wide range of  settings. Her work has always centred on helping people to fulfil their potential, leading happier and more satisfying lives at work, at home and in relationship. She finds the Enneagram an extraordinary and effective resource time and again.

Helen studied in the US with Narrative Enneagram (TNE) founders Helen Palmer and Dr David Daniels and with British mentor Karen Webb, who for many years taught the Enneagram here at Ammerdown. She is Chair of Enneagram Alive, a community-led organisation devoted to creating Enneagram awareness, networking support to teachers and access for learners across Ireland and the UK. She is a former faculty member and supervisor with Enneagram Training providing TNE licenced professional Enneagram qualifications in the UK. Her certifications include: MA (English Literature, Cambridge), MSc (Change Consulting & Coaching, Surrey), Chartered MCIPD. Certified Enneagram Professional in the Narrative Tradition. Certified Integral Development Coach (New Ventures West).


Visit her website Positive Space for more information.


Joanne Bonnett

Joanne is a Certified Enneagram Typing Practitioner in the Narrative Tradition and brings many years experience as a trainer, events organiser & facilitator, business coach, mentor and public speaker.

She has always been fascinated by what makes people thrive. She enjoyed a corporate marketing career and for 20+ years has had her own businesses in wellbeing and consulting, including developing values-driven leadership training programmes.  She is now focusing on sharing her passion for the Enneagram, saying; “it’s a joy to see how exploring its wisdom empowers people to embrace being their unique selves professionally and personally.”


Date: TBC
Time: TBC
Venue: TBC | For Newcomers and Returner
Residential - £ 280 Non Residential - £230
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