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Instincts Inquiry - Evening Workshop

Service Description

As the image demonstrates so beautifully, instincts are swift, immediate and life-affirming. Survival, identity and self-image are inextricably entangled, as are our most primal fight-flight responses. This evening session is about dialogue and an exchange of ideas on the theme of Instincts and Enneagram Subtypes. It will be part workshop, part open forum, blending content input with space for questions, reflections, conversation and more: Focused content input pointing to current key Enneagram theorists and their stance on Instincts Subtypes Information and sharing of themes arising from the ongoing 'Instincts Inquiry' Hands-on experiential inquiry: in pairs or threes Open Forum: a chance to question assumptions and explore possibilities. Amidst controversy and complexity, to help establish 'where do you/I sit on all this?' In essence: a chance to learn - as we do best with The Enneagram - from others' lived and immediate experience

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