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Enneagram in the Wild Glastonbury

Read More pages for both March & October dates.

This is a weekend workshop to inspire and resource you, whether you’re new to The Enneagram or already know it well. With the immediacy of a small group space deep in nature we have a time and space to experience the symbol in refreshingly different ways.

It's a chance to explore The Enneagram for yourself in a hands-on, down-to earth way. We’ll work with a powerful Enneagram mat, so you have an immediate and first-hand experience of the essential qualities held within the symbol. Weather permitting, we’ll do outdoor energy work in the beautiful natural surroundings of Avalon Permaculture Gardens.  This brings the potential to: 

  • Feel more vibrant and alive by sensing your life force and your strongest positive qualities

  • Improve relationships using the Enneagram to better understand yourself and those around you

  • Explore a chosen issue in your life right now in the context of Enneagram insights

  • Sense into your life purpose and spiritual path with The Enneagram as a personal compass

  • Find resources and reassurance as we face huge challenge on so many levels: global conflict, climate crisis, economic and social dissolution and more...

  • Discover or re-affirm your 'home base' point appreciating how it shapes you, past and present

  • Nurture yourself with good company and the healing energy of Avalon Permaculture Gardens.

We first ran ‘Enneagram in the Wild’ in 2022 and loved the way it unfolded. Newcomers found it an organic and experiential ‘way in’, yet within a Narrative Tradition paradigm, where they gained a good grounding in the material.  More experienced Enneagram players really appreciated the chance to experience more deeply and fully both their own base/type and sense arrow line movements.  Also, to build a better picture of other points on the Enneagram, brought to life by group members. All in all, a powerful experience for each one of us, facilitators and assistants included.


Timing: Friday 7.00 - 10pm, Saturday 10am - 6.30pm, Sunday 10am - 4.30pm
Venue: Avalon Permaculture Gardens, Barton Road, Butleigh, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 8TL
Cost: £225.00
Includes:  Refreshments, lunch on both days, materials
Not included: Accommodation.
Please email us if you'd like to stay on site or for details of places near-by.
The Enneagram is an ancient symbol found in sacred geometry. An ever-moving map of movement, connection, flow and change. The philosopher Gurdjieff said it could give insight into anything we might hope to understand. Today, The Enneagram is best-known as an astonishingly accurate map of human experience: personality, identity and relationship.  

The Enneagram symbol shows nine ways of being, nine essential qualities that shape our feelings, thoughts and actions. Each point has a positive spiritual quality that drives our greatest longing and our keenest disappointment. It’s where we may shine in the world and in relationship. It is also often personally unseen yet seen by others. So the symbol shows nine ways we lose sight of who we really are and how we may get back on track. How to connect more truly with who we are, with people, place, spirit and life’s full potential.
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