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About The Enneagram

The Enneagram symbol has nine points, reflecting nine essential qualities that shape our feelings, thoughts and actions.


Also known as ‘types’ or bases, one of these points will be yours. Each has a positive spiritual quality that drives our greatest longing and our keenest disappointment. It’s where we may shine in the world and in relationships. Conversely, the symbol also shows the nine ways that we may lose sight of who we really are and how one can get back on track. This way, we spiritually connect with our true selves, with people, with places, and with life’s full potential.


We believe the Enneagram is about dynamic movement, change and energy flow, rather than static points or fixed theories.  We define it as a very practical 21st-century resource for transformation that is deeply rooted in sacred wisdom tradition. Its impact is arguably more profound and sustainable than other ‘quick fix’ approaches. It’s also why in Positive Space we return to The Enneagram time and again.

The Enneagram holds a
mirror to:

Your path, your patterns, your way

Your life, your spirit, your work

Your deepest motivations and greatest gifts

Your essence and potential

The Enneagram is a map and guide to:

Navigating life: challenge and change

Easing tough relationships and good ones too

Responding positively in our challenged world

Staying grounded in disturbed and changing times

The Enneagram is invaluable in:

Helping us see ourselves and our patterns more clearly than ever before. 

Mapping relationship patterns 

Providing clarity on what’s working and where we can focus change 

Showing team dynamics and improving working relationships

Why is this clarity so helpful? 

What we see, we work with. However, what we cannot see only drives us unconsciously to repeat the same old familiar ways. If we want actionable change we must work with the unseen motivation that drives it. The Enneagram helps bring sustainable change to individuals and teams.

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